Jan. 7th, 2012

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Okay, so Riku got his Darkness skill back. This gives him a stat boost. He can absorb Darkness and use it to be stronger, [edit, post-DDD: He uses Darkness, but not in this way, it seems, as he's ... immune to the effects of it. I never used this skill in Aather proper, so!] and he can smell Darkness. In terms of being able to sense Darkness in Riku himself, he just also became more noticeable. This mostly goes for Sion, but I am pretty sure Riku will be completely comforting at this point, compared to before. Anyone else who can notice that stuff in someone is free to.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. This means he can smell the Darkness in other people. I'm already set for the Nobodies, and I know he'll ... know for sure there isn't any in Ventus, but as for everyone else:

Darkness has a Kingdom Hearts description here.

It is optional if you want Riku to be able to smell it on you. I will handwave whatever, since KH logic, but I've always wanted to play with it. (And in my other games with him, it just hasn't really come up.) Basically, a narrow way of telling if you'd smell like it: if you're conniving, messed up, prone to jealousy, prone to desiring power, etc. Like I'd imagine that Vriska probably stinks of Darkness, but again, that's up to her player.

Since this is a power narrowed by Aather, Riku won't be able to tell how Dark-leaning someone is, and since he doesn't have the memories to entirely reinforce it, he won't necessarily be judgey based off that. If your character is super evil, though, things will be different.

So, yes!


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