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- Xion telling him to do anything necessary to stop Roxas, even if he's been injured. (He being Riku.)


this to when he starts turning into Ansem.

Summary! This is pieced out, but the first video, it's implied he's having flashes of her the entire time, and then she starts speaking to him in the second one, which pushes him toward his decision. I marked this as trivial and actually, out of context for normal Riku, it would be! But for this Riku, he can tell that he's pretty much sure he's about to die, and some part of him was about to give up until that voice came and told him to do otherwise. That voice + face = Gale on Amethyst.

This is actually his first memory of himself as himself. Before he becomes otherwise. He decides here to give in to the power, and he realizes he was doing it for a reason.

Important things:

- GALE. It's not just her face, it's her everything. But ... is she ... is she dead? Why is she speaking to him through the weapon he's using? She's dead ...
- He was fighting to the death and pretty sure he was going to die.
- These memories of Gale sure were causing him pain.
- This power was something he didn't want to give in to so much he was almost ready to die instead?
- Blond ... guy ...
- Fighting. Scaling a building. Holy shit I am amazing. This kind of takes a backseat.

In other news, Riku ragequit Turquoise.