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Killing his Replica

Explanation: This is ... bizarrely out of sync with what happens, and what really eludes me here as Riku's player is why Riku is so calm. But then I think: this, combined with how he handles Roxas, combined with how he lies about Roxas later on: it sets up a real inability to respond well to trauma and situations. I think he can feel bad and guilty, but when things happen, Riku is not equipped to emotionally respond and comes up with means to cope with it. Automatically. This leads to lying and brushing it off and pretending things are okay when they really aren't. Given that he held the Terra thing close to his chest for so long, it makes sense that he makes a habit of doing this—partly because he doesn't want to bother people, partly because he can't deal, and partly because he's bad at emotions.

His replica doesn't come up later in the series as of yet. DDD does feature a story from his point of view, so it's possible, but I won't have that canon or spoilers from that canon until spring. So I'm extrapolating.

I refuse to believe that Riku just brushes this off and moves on. He awkwardly tries to console the replica, but ultimately, it fails. He fights because he has to, because he realizes that this is how this goes. Riku's mind is very focused and he understands that sometimes things happen the way they do. In some way, I think he had this in mind when he had dreams of leaving the Islands, and he slowly adjusted things to bringing Kairi and Sora in. It's a part of him that's just colder and darker, that just sees things this way.

In Aather, this is going to make him a lot colder and more objective in situations when it comes to killing and what needs to be done. Sora is waiting for him in this memory, and he knows he needs to find out what's happening. So this will temper a lot of his rashness, especially in combination with his last memory. It will make him understand that sometimes things need to get done. He had a talk with KK that was about accepting that past but also the future, and he might go talk to her again after taking this. There are things that need to get done and he has to be prepared to do them.

But, in turn, he is going to hate himself a whole lot more. It won't be obvious, but he is starting to get the idea of the kind of person he is, and he's ... really understanding it. This isn't a matter of changing, not yet. I don't think Riku has entirely reached that in canon. He feels bad, he feels awful while he hides away and he doesn't think anyone will accept him for what he's done, but he keeps doing it. Riku isn't there yet, but this is going to lead him to being more cunning.

Most importantly, he's worked out that ... if he's lying to Sora, then maybe it's best if your loved ones don't see how awful you are. Maybe it's more important for them to be safe.

He was already getting there after his last memory, but this will lock in Riku's tendency to do shows of bravado because he needs the fake bravado to be there. He won't arrogantly believe in his own abilities. He knows he's capable, but yeah. He'll be less likely to brag about everything being okay, though. He might for the sake of Kite, but in general, this is ... really going to hit him hard. He killed and he was muted and this is just the type of guy he is.

Other stuff --

- Riku is NOT going to act on the replica stuff yet. He is smart enough to piece together that this doesn't necessarily fit with the twins, but his replica did say he knew him, but that wasn't the same.
- Riku is partly okay with his Darkness here only obviously not because of blindfolds and stuff. I think in a lot of ways, we can probably guess that Riku felt okay but he really is someone who teeters on the edge so much.
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You shouldn't hide your feelings, Riku. :(