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Being taunted by Zexion in Castle Oblivion, only for Kairi (Naminé) to come save him.

Script here, because this spreads over six videos (I'm not exaggerating):

(Meanwhile, Riku leaves the Exit Hall and enters the Third Basement. There is a great rumble in the castle. Riku gasps)

Riku: What? One of the scents has died---a really strong one. Huh?

(Zexion appears)

Zexion: The keeper of this castle, Marluxia, has just been felled by the Keyblade master.

Riku: Keyblade... You mean Sora! Sora is here?!

Zexion: Yes. Want to see him? But...can you face him?

Riku: What's that mean?

Zexion: The world of darkness, and Ansem's shadow, still nest within your heart. Do you plan to face Sora like that? Are you not ashamed?

(Riku looks away)

Zexion: Sora's fate is to battle the darkness. He must oppose anyone who hosts the dark---in other words, it's you. If you don't believe the words I say...

(Zexion tosses a card to Riku)

Zexion: then you had best see the truth with your own eyes.

Riku: This card! This is our---

Zexion: Yes, it is your home.

(Zexion disappears. Riku looks at the card. He holds it up to the door)

(Riku enters Destiny Islands. Once there, he is sitting on the Paopu tree)

Riku: I never thought I'd miss the island winds so much... Hmph. There was a time I couldn't wait to get off this rock. And now I'm acting all relieved.

(Riku gets off the tree. He sees Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka in the distance)

Riku: Is that...? Hey!

(They don't hear him. Riku runs over to them)

Riku: What's with you guys? I don't think I've ever seen the three of you so quiet.

(They look at him but don't respond)

Riku: What, is there something on my face?

(Still no response)

Riku: Guys?!

(The three vanish. Riku is shocked)

Key of Beginnings Room

(Riku runs back to the Paopu tree. He notices Kairi behind him)

Riku: Kairi... Hey, Kairi. Are you---

(Kairi vanishes)

Riku: Ah... No!

(Zexion is behind Riku)

Zexion: Surely you knew this would happen.

Riku: !

Zexion: You've been to a number of worlds in your memory before this one. And in those worlds, you met only dark beings. That's all that's left in your heart: dark memories. Your memories of home are gone---each and every one.

Riku: That's a lie! I remember everyone from the islands! Tidus and Selphie and Wakka! Kairi and Sora, too! They're

(He pauses for a moment then looks down)

Riku: my closest friends...

Zexion: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own actions that you've forgotten. You destroyed your home!

(There is a flash of darkness, and the islands are reduced to a single landmass. Riku gasps and observes his surroundings)

Riku: This is...that night!

Zexion: All of the islands you grew up on were sundered, scattered. Many hearts were forever lost to the darkness. Because of what YOU did!

(Zexion points over to a projection of Riku at the edge of the island. Riku gasps)

Zexion: You hated being an islander, so you opened the door to darkness and destroyed the islands. It was YOU! You were pulled into the darkness then, and now you belong to the darkness.

(Riku clutches his heart, and looks ahead in horror)

Zexion: You should look---look at what you truly are!

(The projection of Riku transforms into a Darkside Heartless)

Riku: This...this can't be who I really am!

Riku destroys the Darkside. He pants and he looks around the island. He notices Sora looking out on the edge of the island)

Riku: Sora?! Sora!

(Riku walks over to Sora)

Riku: Sora, it's me---

(Sora turns around and attacks Riku with his Keyblade. Riku jumps backward and dodges it)

Riku: What?!

(Sora jumps at Riku and strikes him. Riku blocks the attack with his Soul Eater and their blades clash)

Riku: Stop it, Sora! Don't you recognize me?

Sora: Yeah, I recognize you. I can see exactly what you've become!

(Sora jumps back and fires a laser at Riku)

Sora: How can the light hurt you? Riku... Have you really become a creature of the dark? You're not Riku anymore... You're just a pawn of the darkness. So be it. It's time for you to face the light!

(Sora holds up his Keyblade and he creates a sphere of light which engulfs everything in light. Riku is floating in a white void)

Riku: I'm...fading... Fading away...into the light.

Kairi: You won't fade.

(Kairi appears)

Kairi: You can't fade. There's no power that can defeat you---not the light, not the dark. So don't run from the light---and don't fear the darkness. Because both will make you stronger.

Riku: Make me stronger? Darkness too?

Kairi: Yeah. Strength that's yours. The darkness inside your heart---it's vast and it's deep...but if you can truly stare into it and never try to look away, you won't be afraid of anything again.

Riku: All this time I've tried to push the darkness away---

Kairi: You've gotta just remember to be brave. Know that the darkness is there and don't give in. If you do that, you will gain strength---the kind that's unlike any other. You'll be able to escape the deepest darkness---

Riku: ---and I'll be able to see through the brightest light---

Kairi: Follow the darkness. It'll show you the way to your friends.

Riku: Can I face them?

(Naminé's image fuses with Kairi's and their voices meld)

Kairi & Naminé: You don't want to?

Riku: You know I do. Of course.

(Kairi nods and disappears)

Riku: And I will! With my strength--- My dark strength!

(Riku reappears in a dark shroud)

Riku: Darkness!

(Riku enters Dark Mode and summons his Soul Eater)

(He slashes and he is released from void. Back on the island, Riku has slashed through Sora)

Zexion: Impossible!

(Sora transforms back into Zexion. He falls to the ground)

Zexion: How is it that you found me when you were there in the light?

Riku: You reek of darkness. Even the light can't block the smell.

(Zexion gasps)

Riku: I guess I followed the darkness right to you.

Zexion: This is absurd... Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing---nothing but a mere illusion!

(Riku fights and defeats Zexion. Zexion is on the ground after the fight)

Zexion: After all your protests, you're still like us, on the side of darkness.

Riku: I know who I am.

Zexion: When did that happen? You were always terrified of the dark before---

Riku: Not anymore!

(Zexion gasps. Riku slashes through him. Zexion groans in pain and disappears. Riku returns to normal. Riku leaves Destiny Islands and passes through the Basement 3 Exit Hall)

Information: This is a huge contextualization for Riku. The biggest thing is that when he got his killing his Replica memory, he had the part about accepting the Darkness, and around that time, he got the stuff with attacking Roxas, but didn't know what it meant except that Darkness is necessary to ... probably still do messed up stuff. But it was weird in the Replica memory, especially, because he knew it was a part of him and him accepting it wasn't a bad thing. Insert Ven right around this time after he's gotten these memories telling him how bad he is for going to the Darkness. And right after, his not being afraid of the Darkness/theoretically destroying the Islands memory was obtained. He didn't exactly understand what happened there, except that Maleficent in his memory was there to help him. The only thing is that Riku had enough context by then to know that maybe this wasn't a good thing.

And then there's this. This gives him a lot of things, so I'll actually bullet point (minus ... how many points to areas because I never understand how you guys do that xD).

- Organization members are dickbags. This was skirted around in previous memories in numerous ways, but it is 100% sealed.
- He destroyed his home. This is something Ventus talked about, but some part of Riku is baffled. He destroyed his home in something that was completely on accident. His own obsessions led to it. Of course, Riku still hates himself for it. That's what he does.
- Kairi love has hit critical form again. The fact that she can appear to him and do that and give him hope makes sense, though he knows something is off. Still, he gets it, gets her, and everything is right there again.
- Sora = Kite parallels are kind of hitting home. The last thing he wants is someone to know what he's really like, and he needs his friend to accept him as he is. But he knows he's not good. Some part of Riku from here on forth will be guilty that he's unintentionally found a Sora replacement here in Aather. It will potentially mess things up for them.
- Darkness isn't bad. It's just ... 80% bad? But it's something he can use, and if he uses it right, he can face it. Riku knows that he isn't completely capable of this, but that sometimes, it's necessary. This is completely hit home here. He knows the stuff on Aather is bad, and what they're doing to deal with it isn't probably the right way. His own relationship with Darkness is only hitting home here. He doesn't know everything, but he knows he can use it to his advantage. When it comes to Roxas, he just goes too far. And at that point, he's just mentally too broken to really ... handle it.
- Finally, this is a stabilizing memory. He believes he can do what he needs if he's brave enough. This gives him the sense that if he tries, he, too, can be a hero. He won't be as good at it and his method is always a lot more violent, but that sense of self is there. He'll be a lot more likely to think things through due to this memory. He's very pensive here as he faces everything—faces the results of his brashness, and understands the greater context of everything he's done. Riku is smart, and this is something that is going to kick that into gear so a lot of people recognize it. He knows he's made mistakes, but he also knows that all he can really do is keep going. The way he's been doing it is wrong. And while he doesn't have a plan yet, he'll get there. In Aather, having Kite as a support system will help. And hopefully, in time, he'll learn to appeal better to Citrine.
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I mean. Yes. Of course he'll support him.