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questions meme.

QUESTIONS MEME for Riku and Suzakuuuuuuuu.
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Kite wouldn't feel bothered by it, because he would trust Riku. He'd probably tell him that they became friends before Riku remembered enough about Sora or something, so that should count for something. I don't think he'd get hurt by it unless Riku said something stupid, but yeah.

AND HE PUTS UP WITH RIKU BECAUSE THEY'RE FRIENDS. Kite loves him a lot and he wants to be there for him, but lately all his threads are sort of draining for Kite. Like in their current thread, Kite is very exhausted but his worry for him is bigger than being aware that he almost drowned inside the column with frozen water and that maybe he's supposed to rest like his team told him to. He misses doing stuff with Riku and relaxing with him, but he is more aware than ever that Riku does keep stuff from him. HE DOES NOTICE WHEN PEOPLE ACT DIFFERENT WITH HIM, Kite is good at noticing that but he tends to be quiet about it.

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Kite isn't against protecting friends at any cost! In fact, he is all about it and he's died twice because of that. But in that thread in particular Kite felt that Riku was forgetting about himself and sacrificing everything and while Kite has done that, too, he thinks that maybe it wasn't necessary to go that far in this particular game if they had played it differently. But he couldn't express it as well as I liked it, I think, because Kite is being sincere about trusting Riku.

He was just very concerned about him and he is the first one to believe in him. Like he is defending Riku from Percy. It would make him feel bad to know Riku doesn't believe him. MAYBE I DIDN'T HANDLE THAT THREAD WELL, idk. On Kite's side of things, Kite is very . . . determined about his friends. Once you've become important it's impossible for that to change, so I guess Riku is doomed to have him bothering him all the time. He doesn't think Riku is a jerk or a bully or anything.

KITE KNOWS RIKU WOULDN'T TAKE IT WELL, so . . . no. Drift is becoming an Important Friend but I have no idea if that will turn into a crush or not because Kite doesn't want to think about that stuff.

Kite good ends and decides to leave with a Persona to restore other parts of Aather before going home! How does Riku react?
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KITE COMPLETED HIS REGISTRY BECAUSE TIGER'S EYE IS A TANK LATELY. I keep forgetting to add headcanon memories, but I do want to keep Kite for a while longer. MAYBE SIX MONTHS?! I'm devoting more time into playing him outside of his usual CR and he's getting new development which is nice! But I will run out of headcanon memories and there are other characters I'd like to play.

Kite's current plan is to ask start asking the Personae in case one of them can help him get something that would allow him to visit other worlds! If he can, he might ask to help elsewhere in Aather and once the people in the books are safe he will want to go home! Because he promised Cubia he'd go back and he will keep that promise.

How exactly would Riku react if Kite crushed on someone else?
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I currently don't feel like moving on and I hope that can continue for a while, so don't worry. |D

WHAT IF KITE ASKED THEM NOT TO DO THAT FOR HIM? Also they didn't cut off their hands, but Lark gave up her entirely childhood for him and stuff like that. And they were lucky, too. Otherwise they would've covered Kite's column with his jackets so they could do terrible things.

Mm. Kite would accept it? In general, he's not the type to be jealous. He'd probably want to know where they stand and let Riku decide, but if Riku wanted to act on the crush Kite wouldn't stop him! It would depend a lot on how it happened, though. But as long as he knew he was still important for Riku he could try to be okay with it. HE WOULD ONLY GET HURT IF RIKU PREFERRED THE OTHER PERSON. IDK, Kite would never get jealous and he would be pretty open to Riku crushing on someone else.

Do you have plans for him?
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If he could pick, he would choose Citrine because his favorite people is there. He wouldn't mind Emerald, Turquoise or Coral. BUT IT WOULD BREAK HIS HEART, he loves Tiger's Eye way too much.

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...SoTU Riku...? Esp. concerning the Roxas situation and how things fell out for him after the heartgame?
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I would love to see Ven get resurrected in a future game! Because he's Ven and he's adorbs. But...not at the cost of fucking over Roxas again...just because jeez, find a different plot use for that kid other than "horribly traumatize Roxas to awaken comatose dumbass loveball." REDUNDANT. Well, unless they write Roxas out of the plot and assume he's just permanently said fuck it and gone to sleep, which is fucking him over in a different way.

(also OMG heart game :D)

...I'd ask more questions in the Riku and Roxas direction but that's really more Lily's job, I just know a lot of what's going on inside Roxas because we talk about it. \o/

Though I am curious--did Riku get that he wasn't actually talking to Sora at all, inside Roxas' heart, or does he still maintain that delusion?
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VEN LOEV ISA. I mean, okay, they haven't threaded recently because Ven has been too fucked up by games, and I know Isa got another existential wham memory, but. Most of their threads pretty much consist of:
Ven: Love love love Roxas started being able to feel stuff after a while you'll be okay. <3
Isa: Snark pessimism oh no it's cute (dere.)

He's honestly really fond of the guy. And Isa as he is now is kind of Ven's type, moreso than Lea actually...he's sortof pinging as a snarky Nobody Terra to Ven, and he's just like loooooooove. It's certainly possible Isa could break that if he goes raving moonface, but. In the meantime. Ven accepts that he's cranky and doesn't get emotions because he's a Nobody, and feels intense sympathy for that (because losing his emotions is one of his Fates Worse Than Death as far as he's concerned), but Isa's also acting like a decent person and helping people, so he's cool. And you already know that Ven completely doesn't buy the Nobodies don't deserve to exist and are total unfeeling monsters line, so.

I guess I need to actually get around to asking 'relationship' given that letter and their brief conversation afterwards, did that change anything?
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The mess with Vanitas + how he was raised...yeah, no, he is never going to be 100% okay with Darkness. Basically where he stands right now, and where he's stood for a while (since before Riku re-entered game), is that maybe Darkness can occasionally be used for well-meaning but questionable actions, like, say, shanking your dad to protect your friend even as he begs you not to. '-' He is aware of the existence of sympathetic darkness! His team is made of it and everything. But he is also very >.> I APPRECIATE THE SENTIMENT BUT JEEZ DON'T MURDER PEOPLE IF YOU ACTUALLY CARED YOU WOULD LISTEN TO ME <.< about it. And because he was raised by Eraqus who is hardcore light, he perceives a slippery slope leading from sympathetic darkness to going completely psycho. Because darkness creeps into your heart and Does Things to you, he knows this because of his learnings. But he also believes that someone as good-hearted and empathetic as Terra is capable of briefly fucking up and using Darkness like he did, and then pulling out, because he knows Terra well enough and has faith that he wouldn't fall completely. (Which, in fact, he didn't, but then Xehanort ate him anyway. 8()

Thing is, Riku's bravado and the front he presented to Ven pretty much made him think that he had slid downhill and gone psycho, so. Those subtleties didn't entirely come out. >.>

And again, how he was raised. Darkness and Light are more than magical elements to him, they are moral attitudes. It hasn't even occurred to him that the magical element of darkness can be used for protecting people without hurting innocents; when Riku speaks of using Darkness, Ven assumes he's talking about not just the element, but the ethical attitude of "anything I do for my people is okay," which Ven basically perceives as sympathetic but problematic. The concepts are all entangled in his head. So the idea of, say, using magical darkness to shield a friend rather than kill an innocent person is like...baroo? I didn't know it could do that!

Blah blah Darkness blah, I sound like Xehanort. did getting his "I destroyed the world" memory go for him? I wanted to stalk that but I couldn't find it.
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Concerning Roxas: Ven has gotten no indication from either party (since Roxas is being private about that conversation after the heartgame) that Riku has shifted at all from his initial attitude of "kill/reintegrate Roxas at the first opportunity." So basically he perceives Riku as an active threat to his twin, and as willfully ignoring the fact that he knows (he let it slip in their first conversation) the Nobodies-don't-deserve-life thing is bullshit and using it as an excuse to make himself feel okay about murder. He pretty much expects Riku to try to shank Roxas once he's strong enough, and he pretty much expects to turn up to help and send him packing with a note on his unconscious body apologizing to Valiant. '-' He's a little unsure what Riku actually thinks about Roxas, but he also thinks it's irrelevant, because Riku came off as someone who will ignore anything else he thinks of a person and unfeelingly kill them if he thought it would save Sora, so.

As far as himself, he is even more unsure. I mean, he suspects that Riku might hate his guts, and he is trying not to be sad about it (because Ven is one of those people who gets gut-churning antsy when people hate him almost no matter who they are), but kind of like with Roxas, he thinks it's irrelevant. Because kind of like with Roxas, he expects Riku to come for him ruthlessly if he gets it into his head that it would be good for Sora. Which is why he will never tell Riku that he did figure out his connection for Sora, and that he has a little piece of Sora's light inside him, because he expects Riku to immediately try to rip it out. He...doesn't actually consider Riku an active threat in battle. It's more that it would be annoying if somebody was trying to kill him, and Peridot might get involved, and Cassie might break Riku's fingers, and it might end his friendship with Valiant, and he has better things to do with his time then have MORE FUCKING DRAMA. :/

S-sorry...he has out of date information and has almost completely bought Riku's bravado-jerk facade. >.>

So there is a chunk of Riku's story that I'm not entirely familiar he ever going to get a memory that gives him any information on Ven's connection to Sora? Aside from maybe that conversation between them at the end of you think he'd be able to put it together from that?
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relationship meeee