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and then I continue to do memory write-ups as I see important memories to ... write for. Note: Riku got his world destroying memory, as well as the memory of Zexion screwing with him recently. These are relevant pieces of information, but really in a greater picture helped contextualize things for Riku. (Though he now perceives Aather!Maleficent as 100% bad and given the Zexion memory, he will do everything to get around dealing with her.) I perceive Riku as being particularly muted in his emotions (or super duper internalized), so when things are terrible, he overcomes them pretty easily because he keeps driving forward (while not dealing ... at all). That said, the two most recent memories go together really well:

- Deciding that he's going to face his Darkness (and Ansem), so he'll not have his heart locked. The talk with Naminé. Not being a lazy bum like someone else.


Riku: Are you Naminé?

Naminé: Yes.

Riku: I see... That was you...

Naminé: Huh?

Riku: Forget it. Nothing.

Naminé: Please... Come this way.

(Riku sees Sora inside his pod and gasps. He runs to the pod)

Riku: Sora! (To Naminé) What have you done to Sora?

Naminé: Nothing. He's just asleep. To get his memory back.

(Naminé explains everything to Riku)

Riku: So Sora chose to forget about this castle...and get his old memories back?

Naminé: You have a choice to make, too.

Riku: Why me, too? No one's messed with my memories.

Naminé: It's not your memories. It's your darkness. In your heart there is darkness, and in that darkness is Ansem. He may be at bay for now---but eventually he'll wake, and he will take over you just like he did before. But I have powers you can use. With my powers, I can put a tight lock on your heart. That way, Ansem could never come out from inside you.

Riku: What happens to me if I let you do that? Will I forget everything like Sora?

(Naminé is silent)

Riku: I'll have to.

Naminé: The darkness in you will be sealed tight just like your memory. You'll stop remembering the darkness. You'll go back to how you were. Riku, please choose.

(Riku thinks for a moment and looks at Sora, sleeping in his pod)

Riku: He doesn't even look worried. Will I sleep like that, too?

Naminé: Yes.

Riku: Figures. Sora always did as he pleased. Whatever we'd be doing together, he'd find a way to slack off. Even trying to leave the islands---I did all the work on the raft by myself. That's it. When this slacker wakes up, I'll tell him off. I told him to take care of Kairi and here he is just taking a nap! But I can't chew him out like he deserves---if I've been asleep.

(Naminé gasps)

Riku: I don't need my heart locked. I'm ready---I'm gonna fight Ansem.

Naminé: But what if his darkness overtakes you?

Riku: If that happens, then the darkness will show me the way.

Naminé: Yes... That's true.

Riku: (Chuckles) Why do I get the feeling that you knew I would say that?

Naminé: I didn't know. I hoped. I wanted you to face the darkness, because you're the one who can.

Riku: So that's the reason---that's why you came to my rescue inside that light... the form of Kairi.

Naminé: When'd you know?

Riku: I knew when I met you. You and Kairi smell the same.

(Riku starts to leave)

Riku: Look after Sora.

(Naminé nods and smiles. Riku leaves Twilight Town)

Explanation: This is where Riku essentially decides to keep the Darkness. He realizes he's possessed still by it, and it gives him some context for everything: this is inside of him, he's battling it, and he chooses to keep it rather than doing away with it. He knows he can't control it entirely, and it's something he gives in to when he needs to get his friend back. Riku understands here that he intends to contend with the Darkness, and it shows just how much he's willing to give up (that is: everything) for his friends. This is a really significant memory for Riku, and it's listed as positive because it's an affirmation of what he believes he's capable of doing. He understands here that the process to get Sora back doesn't involve anything but Naminé and her promise.

Learning from Naminé what he has to do to save Sora (get Xion and then Roxas).


(The silver haired man brushes her hair aside and recalls a conversation with Naminé. They sit in a White Room, at opposite ends of the table)

Naminé: I wasn't sure I'd see you again.

Riku: You made me a promise.

Naminé: To look after Sora. I remember. I'm sorry... I'm not sure I've kept that promise very well.

Riku: What happened?

Naminé: Some of Sora's memories are missing.

Riku: How can that be?

Naminé: They're escaping through Sora's Nobody into a third person--and now they're starting to become a part of her.

Riku: You can't get the memories back out.

Naminé: If they're still separate...then yes, I think so.

(She looks at the sketchbook on the table of the picture of Axel, Roxas, and Xion)

Naminé: But if they join with her memories, things get a lot more complicated. I would need to untangle her memory before I could finish Sora's... What was supposed to take months might take years. DiZ would be furious.

Riku: So what's the solution?

Naminé: If I try to just jump in and rearrange her memory...then I risk Sora waking up to find out that nobody remembers him anymore. I can't do that to him. It's too late either way. His awakening will have to be delayed. I never imagined Sora's Nobody and the other one would fight so hard to be their own people. Unfortunately, the only real for them both to go away.

Naminé: Did you know her face was blank at first? Only now can you see someone. That proves some of Sora's memories are inside her. Some inside her, some inside Sora...others inside Sora's Nobody... I can't sort it out anymore. All I can do is pick up the pieces once what has to be done, is done.

Riku: All right, then.

Explanation: So, he has a lot of context for what happened and why Roxas was needed. Why Roxas might still be needed. If this were anything but an amnesia game, Riku would be fine with Roxas and honestly, would be grateful. I underlined a very important part: Riku will recognize that Nobodies can and will fight for their right to their own identity, their own person, and he knew that from his very first memory. He'll see here that it was Naminé that bolstered that understanding. That line, for me as a player, is ridiculously sad. Riku recognizes it, but it's obvious what's happening here. There's really no choice. He doesn't get it all, but the thing is, Xion and Roxas were tools for the Organization, and if Xion ended up joining back with Roxas, she'd have been a tool the Organization would've used. Riku doesn't know this yet, but he does know Xion and Roxas work for the Organization and he is honestly clever enough to put it together.

For the record: Riku is already drawing a lot of uncomfortable parallels between the Organization and the personae. This is not helping him any.

Of course, a lot of this is going to be a vague recollection thing, but he'll understand what this means. Since Roxas and "that third person"—which Riku understands to be Xion—have both been inside of Aather, and have both had their memories stripped away, he has a ... pretty bad feeling in general. Xion had a face, which means she had some of Sora's memories ... you can see where this is going.

In context, this is triv neg in context. In Aather, this is sig neg. He doesn't know what to do with this information, since it is pretty damning on all fronts. He can't tell Roxas and Ven, since yeah—bad news. And he can't tell Axel because he is 100% certain Axel would shank him for having this information. So Riku is essentially in-between a rock and a hard place.

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