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I just pasted in my outline, so you guys could see what I was working off or changed in the process or even made up! If you want to know changes to Riku, I suggest using ctrl+f and the word change (but not match-case, since sometimes it's capitalized and sometimes it's "changes" ... shhh). Warning: This is ... definitely thirteen pages long.



A large door, maybe two, three stories high, closes soundly behind you. Did you come through it? What do you think happened? Light is what you noticed peering through, peering around it, but in this place, it doesn’t seem to touch anything—not as much as it should, anyway.

What lies beyond is calling you. And in that direction, there are yellow, beaty eyes, belonging to amorphous creatures; can you see them? Or are they even there?

If you try the door, it’s not going to budge. Now, you can only move forward. Underneath your feet, the ground is sandy but easy to walk on. In the distance, you think you hear waves—but are those really there? (They go away the moment you listen in.) And when you do, eventually you start falling into nothingness, until the Darkness envelopes you ...

[join #waytothedawn; if you can’t get onto IRC, please email me at prongster at so I can provide OOC info for you about the game]

Changes: None, of course.

The Secret Place


And then you land. The sound of water returns behind you, much louder, as if you’re just beyond a water fall. But if you turn toward it, there’s only the Darkness. (It beckons, calls to you, but you hear no voice—)

In your hands is a card. No matter what you try to do with it, you can’t bend it. It might be better to store it somewhere right now. The picture on the card is where you are, clearly, with the same amount of doors, just minimized and minus the people standing there.

The place where you are now looks like the inside of a cave, with trees that obviously grow out of it. There are little pictures of children, one of which with spiky hair, on the wall. There are also several doors. They look misplaced, out of order: at the center, there is an ordinary door. Wooden, with a rounded top. Another, to its left, has Valiant’s cheek mark, surrounded by flame marks (though the flames are somewhat faded), and it looks like a version of the doors of the old Aather cabins. To its right, there is a door that’s white and pristine, with a gold knob.

Changes: None.

Destiny Islands: True Heart (Only reached through door):

[music / music after leaving the cave]

You go through and you find yourself in the cave again, only from the other side. Behind you, there’s the waterfall still and someone calling. Riku! Riku! It sounds like a girl’s voice. If you follow it out from the cave, you come out and see a beach. Off to the left of it, there’s a guy with brown hair looking out toward the ocean. And to the left, there’s a girl with red hair waving. It’s obvious that she’s the one calling.

Beside her, there’s a boy sitting with brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Most importantly, the moment the sun hits you, it feels different; clearer—better. Lighter.

Ways to reach: Clear corruption in Aather, TWTNW (don’t have to do both); obtain and visit two out of three of the cards that Naminé provides and then go talk to her.

NPCs: Terra, Sora, Kairi.

Anyone who gets here, Riku will protect with his life.

Option for obtaining keyblade.


- Valiant picture was brought here, so he’s someone very staunchly associated with Riku’s life.
- Mint was also brought here, so he would obsessively do everything possible to save both of them.
- Citrine’s gifts were brought here, so on top of the changes in the cabin, Riku is pretty much going to die for them.
- Percy and Mitsuru both had options to become keyblade wielders built into the mechanism of the game. As such, they are permanent keyblade wielders.
- Riku will generally be at peace with everyone who made it to his true heart. Still playfully competitive at times, but yes. For stat boosts on general ones:

o Mitsuru: fondness +100; Riku is already very, very fond of Mitsuru and this will just push him over the edge. He respects her a lot as a warrior and individual and it’s fully realized now. She was the person he was most at ease with coming into the game, so this just solidified that fact.
o Percy: fondness + 100; Riku respects him more as a friend and as a warrior. The fact that he got there at all is a huge deal to Riku.
o Sasuke and Ferris: +25, since they were either not on his radar (Sasuke) or were and he didn’t care as much. He respects them, though. Getting into his heart is a big deal, since it means people know what makes him happy.
o Overall, he’ll be more likely to confide in all of them honestly.

Death Area Isa’s Darkness: You fall into Darkness. A voice calls to you—it sounds like the person you love most in the entire world, even if you don’t realize it yourself. You suddenly feel as if your home has been swallowed by Darkness, and there’s nothing you can do.

In fact, you might have caused it ... Will you welcome the Darkness, or will you reject it? And if you reject it, do you reject it entirely, or just within yourself? Do you need the extra strength to go on? You have a choice.

Changes: Riku is more at ease with his choice to use Darkness against Zexion, even if it led him down icky paths. He knows his friends were important. He’ll respect Isa a lot more and understand his friendship with Axel, but it’ll be more intuitive. (But it means he’ll respect Isa as a Nobody).
Explanation: I changed this at the last second! By then, it looked unlikely that anyone was going to die in this heart (Zexion was a hard battle without the stat boost if no one took it and it would’ve ended in death, but cut scene magic shows you’re supposed to be a badass there). Roxas was a fight you couldn’t win without it. This is basically the manifestation of accepting Darkness. How you got here and how you reacted was what changed the dialogue. If you got here through Roxas’ fight, it would’ve been different. Through Maleficent, it would’ve made you super ragey. But through Zexion, it’s where someone really important to you Jesuses you into accepting some of the nastier parts of yourself.

Aather (reached by The Secret Place, Castle Oblivion)


Around the edges, you immediately notice that this place is similar but different—an amalgamation of two familiar realities blurred together into something new. The previous location and the new one are one, and the blurred edges are darker somehow. The sky itself is gray but without clouds, but the gray itself looks as if it might overwhelm the setting. And if you look closer, look longer, you’ll notice that Aather seems to be disembodied, floating alone as one large mass buffered by the Darkness.

In fact, everything about Aather appears to be overwhelmed, like the Darkness hangs low like a cloud wishing to envelop everything. It feels as if it’s pressing against you; it doesn’t only hurt but calls to you, asking you to welcome it in. (It’s warm. Powerful. Won’t you let it in?) There are no monsters, and the grass ... no, the sunflowers ... no the trees, they blur in and out, between the cabins, and they appear to have little life to them. It is not that they are brown and dried out and decaying; they’re gray, stripped of color. The Darkness is swallowing them whole.

From where the door closes behind you, there’s a path to the clearing, and unlike Aather usually, the various cabins line the edges of the clearing. In the distance, there’s a cave. To the opposite end, there’s a tower that looms—dark, angry, untouchable. Somewhere in the distance, just behind one of the cabins—which bears a Citrine colored flag in the front (the other cabins have flags, too, only they’re falling apart, fraying in ... what would be wind, if there was wind)—is the sand and the bank of water behind it.

Most unusual, though, is the state of the cabins. Most of them are in disrepair. Turquoise looks destroyed, and it emits nothing but Darkness. Citrine is in the exact opposite condition: it looks pristine. Tiger’s Eye looks rundown but not dilapidated. But most of them are that way: rundown, dilapidated; Ruby is only different because it has the moat wrapping around it. The full conditions of the rest and how they might be different can only be viewed from a closer distance.

Changes: So! Percy actually did do what he came into Aather to do, which was clear out some of the nasty ways Riku thinks about Aather in general. The corruption here is that Riku essentially hates everything that Aather stands for and wanted to kill the personae and didn’t want to grow too close with people, and this was only worsened with the fact that Kite got sent away. Riku had serious, serious issues with Aather, with feeling like he was part of a team, and he even couldn’t deal with Turquoise, so it manifested as “destroyed” in his mind.

Since Percy and Mitsuru cleared the corruption, this is ... well, he’s not happy about Aather, but he is definitely way more at ease and less likely to kill conversations with die aather die. He’ll be a lot more amendable to games, a lot more likely to see that this is a part of the “go to worlds and help save them” aspect of being a keyblade wielder, which is a role that he was ignoring. The one thing that couldn’t be fixed is that he thinks Maleficent is bad, and there’s nothing that could change that. Members of Onyx are generally blackmarked as a result of this (with the exception now of Sasuke).

For anyone not reading, the corruption was cleared by playing two heart pieces into Citrine. It didn’t fix his manifested feelings toward Citrine since they’re separate. Riku had tried to be better about team stuff and he felt like his team didn’t like him, so those are different things.


Conditions: Only a Citrine key can get inside.

There is an indent on the door for where a heart-shaped thing can go.

Change: THE INDENT WAS FILLED. See the corruption fix above.

The inside is not as pristine as the outside.

The beds are split into two sides of the room. Three on one side, four on the other. The floor is covered in various things that look shredded: dolls, one of which is in Tiger’s Eye colors, the other in Citrine. There’s a shredded old Turquoise uniform. Off to the side, there’s a garbage that’s overflowing, so much that things have just settled beside it.

Things inside of the garbage bin: more rotten bacon, a mashed up cake, a wooden sword that’s been snapped in half, at the very bottom there are unused condoms still in wrappers, dead flowers that look like the ones that Turn got from the Green Knight, a pirate’s eyepatch, burn ointment, a couple Citrine uniforms (one is covered in food, the other is not), papers with notes on them in a tidy, even scrawl (they’re game and fighting strategies, crumpled up and falling apart), a book on the basics of dating and sex (... the insides are completely blank).

The feeling inside of the cabin is different: warmer than it was outside, without the aid of Darkness.

The floor: Mint doll, Kite doll, destroyed Turquoise uniform, potions, a black Organization jacket that’s shredded, located near Percy’s bed, there’s a plate of rotten bacon next to the garbage, Kazu’s AT are ripped apart, a picture of Riku kissing someone that’s crumpled up and ripped in half (the other half is Kite).

Bed descriptions: One even looks crushed all over the mattress. The mattress itself isn’t made in the least. And underneath, there is a lot of armor and tidy and folded Citrine uniforms. The second bed is almost tidy, but the cover is half hanging off. Underneath, there’s a set of Citrine uniforms. There’s also a hairbrush that appears to have hair in it. Upon closer inspection, it’s red hair, like Mitsuru’s, and silver hair, like Riku’s. The third bed has a short sword sticking out the center of it. The blanket is in place, but nothing is there: there aren’t any uniforms near or around here.

Underneath Riku’s bed, there’s a box that’s taped off. Inside, there’s a specific thing for each member of Citrine. For Kurei, there’s a plush heart. For Percy, there’s a keychain. For Mitsuru, there’s also a keychain, but pink in color. For Snap, there’s a blindfold. For Drift, there’s more bandages and a small cupcake pan. For Vriska, there’s a wrench. Each one is labeled.

Along with that, there’s another plastic and closed box with glue, scissors, and duct tape. All of these look untouched. There’s also a note pad and some crayons.

On the other side, the beds are in worse condition. One has a dead hydra head on it, and its blood has matted the bed considerably. The bed itself looks shredded. Next to that, there’s a bed with a long black coat on it. The bed itself seems to radiate with heat—perhaps that’s what’s warming the cabin? Underneath that bed, there’s a Citrine uniform. Next to that, there’s a bed with a lot of little trinkets on it, and underneath, there’s clean and tidy Citrine uniforms. And next to that, there’s a bed covered in various spices literally just opened up onto the bed. There are also some used bandages with dried blood on them. Underneath, there’s a Citrine uniform, but it looks damaged.

In the bathroom area, there’s a tub filled with warm water. Inside of the water is a Citrine uniform, as if it’s being cleaned. There are also folded sheets and new pillows. There is also a broom.

Changes: No one ... checked the bathroom for sheets. I EVEN PUT THEM THERE ...

So, basically, Riku’s interpretation of Citrine has shifted quite a bit. The beds were tidied, but they’re still not made, signaling that things are still in transition. The floor was still a mess and the garbage can was still full, meaning that there’s still a lot of clutter there that’s a burden. But it’s actually better because he understands that this is part of the team.

Since Drift ... ate the hydra head raw, Riku is going to think Drift really likes raw meat. He’s also going to be confused about the event for the hydra head since it wasn’t for food. But now it seems like it was. He’s going to worry Drift won’t cook their food. His bed was messy and torn and his uniform was too because Drift tends to have a shaky identity as a Citrine. This is all self-imposed by Drift. Riku will try to be more rational in dealing with him since his bed was cleaned up, so thank you, Mitsuru. As for the gift from Riku in the box under Riku’s bed, he gave him bandages (since he worries about him getting hurt) and a cupcake pan, since he thinks Drift likes to cook.

The Kurei bed was warm and dominantly CITRINE. It had the most uniforms underneath it, and it resonated with the warmth to hold Citrine together and keep them warm. He also associates him with Nobodies now because he lost his heart. He feels guilty about that, so that’s why his gift to Kure was a plush heart.

Vriska’s less associated with her machine stuff now since that was tidied. She was also firmly Citrine. Her gift was a wrench because ... that’s what Riku would give someone who does her thing as a gift.

Snap’s bed wasn’t resheeted, but she is less associated with getting them killed and he is less uselessly resentful about that (since she tended to treat him like crap in his eyes over that, even if that’s not the reality of it). Her gift was a blindfold—IE Riku would let her wear it again so he could fight for her.

Percy’s bed had armor on it that only Percy could move! So the fact that no one tried to move it is a big deal. The sword being moved to his bed makes Riku thinks that Percy is a problem solver and more associated with his long-term Aather memories and also someone to spar with. The fact that the armor doesn’t move is a negative, though, because it means that Riku sees Percy as less likely to budge on things. (Which is okay, since he got to the true heart.) The gift to Percy was a keychain for a keyblade.

Mitsuru’s bed was the tidiest and the hairbrush showed the fact that both of them had a thing with their hair and they had to give a little up in a game once. Also, it shows that Riku is the closest with her, both consciously and subconsciously. No one looked at it or cleaned it out, so I am glad ... haha. This is also a sign that Riku has the potential of developing feelings for her, since she accepts him. His gift to her was also a keychain, though this was mostly out of fondness (Percy’s was partly due to him being a warrior).

Riku’s bed looked unsettled and had no uniforms. It had a sword through it, a remnant from the past. This ... is all pretty obvious. The sword was taken out. The stuff underneath was a way to write him notes and the supplies were left by Naminé, since she otherwise couldn’t reach this part of the heart. The box of stuff was stuff he would have a hard time giving his team since he wouldn’t want to be a bother and Riku is dumb.

All of the beds were moved together, signifying team unity. Thank you, Mitsuru. It will also make him a lot more comfortable with being physical/sharing a bed with his team. ... Yes.

The Turquoise uniform and Valiant dolls were taken out. This removes a lot of his past issues with feeling like he was part of another team. The Valiant doll ... removes a lot of his present feelings for Kite in a romantic sense, and given that it was taken to Castle Oblivion, it means that he sees him purely as someone to show him the way and to protect. Which is actually kind of an upgrade! But the boyfriendness is ... gone. It was tattered and could’ve been fixed if people found both halves of his picture, but no one did that.

The Citrine uniform in the garbage was Goku’s, and that was put back on Kurei’s team, thus associating them more closely. (IE no changes.) Mint was on there briefly, so Riku thinks of them as two people who were close before she left.

The following cabins were changed from their outside conditions by fixing the corruptions

Tiger’s Eye

Conditions: Citrine and Tiger’s Eye can both get inside. Just in the doorway is the Kite-half of the crumpled up picture of Riku and Kite kissing (it’s obvious from this half that it’s making out). Kite comes around the cabin and greets them if he didn’t come to Citrine.

The interior of Tiger’s Eye ... smells bad. Mixed in with smells of good cooking. It actually isn’t as messy as the inside of Citrine, with the exception of one bed that’s been overturned and broken. Upon closer inspection, that’s Mitchell’s bed. It’s literally coming undone, and it looks as if a blade has been brought to it repeatedly: if anyone has seen Riku’s keyblade, they might even conclude the markings come from the same weapon.

There is a tool box on the floor, and two beds that look as if they have been stripped bare. One of them has a Kite sitting on it. The kite itself has cloud markings on it.

Changes: :( NONE.


Door too mangled to go inside. There’s a moat on the outside with a rubber duck floating around inside of it.


Can’t even get close to the tower. Darkness repels.


Going inside of the cave leads you back to The Secret Place.


Utterly demolished. There are Turquoise colored jackets sticking out, but that’s it.


Door too mangled to go inside.


It’s tattered on the outside, but holding it together. Peridot and Citrine can go inside, but it’s bare on the inside with the exception of one bed. The bed itself is somewhat tattered.

Changes: Ventus went in here and tidied up, which clears up Riku’s ability to have conversations with him! Riku didn’t have Ventus in his heart anywhere because he can’t deal with him, so he associates him as very separate from Roxas, no matter how much they try to claim a twin identity. It’s one point he won’t budge on (and I find it interesting, so I didn’t supply a catch).

The coat was put folded under the bed, which does ... nothing about the confusion between the two of them. It is purely because of the Ventus and Roxas bond.


It’s tattered on the outside, but it’s still standing. Emerald and Citrine can go inside. Inside, it smells like booze. There are only three beds. One has Bonten’s hair on it. Another has a bottle on it for KK. The other is overturned, with a black Organization jacket hanging off of it.


Door too mangled to go inside.


Door too mangled to go inside.


Door too mangled to go inside.


Door too mangled to go inside.


Door too mangled to go inside.

Corruption: Darkness, return to normal state. Kite will show you to what you need to clear the Darkness. Figure this out.

NPCs: Kite; Citrine mysteriously absent.

Castle Oblivion (can connect to everything but True Heart)


(Note: Ventus specifically will get a flash of Sora moving through here when he steps inside, but that’s it. It will make him dizzy for a moment.)

Main Corridor

The entrance isn’t so much like stepping through a door but appearing inside, with tall white walls around and a long hall ahead with stairs going upward. A girl appears at the top of the stairs with blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a white dress. She has a small smile on her face, and she extends her hand as if to beckon you. There is no door behind you.

(Naminé NPCing go.)

(Given cards to the Destroyed Islands, Twilight Town, Hollow Bastion, The World that Never Was, Aather.)

The Destroyed Islands– Can get heart piece.


What looked like small stretch of tropical islands has been swallowed—the sky itself is dark blue and black, swirling angrily. The islands themselves look as if they’re being swallowed up by the Darkness, as if it’s about to be taken whole. Will you be taken by the Darkness? Will you give in?

Just in the distance, there’s someone in a black coat, with silver-blue hair. He turns toward you and beckons you, and the ground itself is unstable.

There really are few places to run. To the right, there are rafts with instructions in tidy scrawl on what supplies are needed for the rafts—and, supposedly, a trip. They look old, worn down, as if they’ve been here for fifty years or more. (They’re musty smelling, too.) To the left, there are wooden practice swords. Upon closer inspection, they are splintered and it wouldn’t be wise to grab them. There are palm trees, but they look gray, deadened.

(Boss fight.)

Optional: Can obtain and temporarily use Darkness for a stat boost here. It will appear as a heart of Darkness. If heart is rejected, then it must be destroyed. Darkness wants to attach to people and be drawn to them. Only if boss fight path is taken. If the heart of Darkness was destroyed, it would’ve led to a difficult boss fight, but there was a chance to get half a heart piece out of it. (Winning not conditional.)

Changes: Riku feels more at ease about the choices he makes here in canon. He sees Isa as walking a similar path to him and feels a kindred understanding with both Axel and Saix and himself as a result of it.

Hollow Bastion – Can get heart piece.


The place where you end up is a cliff, and on the other side, there is water and rocks that look like you can land on them. When you turn, there is a woman, dressed in a black and purple cloak, with seagreen colored face and a black hat. (Disney’s Maleficent.) She is carrying a staff and beckoning you over. For a split second, her visage changes and she looks smaller, like Aather’s Maleficent, and then she shifts back.

Change: This was mostly a “come talk to Maleficent and see” section. So while Riku feels more at ease about the fight with Zexion, thanks to Ferris and Mitsuru, he knows Darkness is not an answer when going that way.

Where Sora Rests


The room is large and white like all the rest of Castle Oblivion, and at the center, there is a pod with a boy inside of it, fast sleep.

(Upon closer inspection ...) There is a button to release him.

(If you wake Sora up, he can give you a whole heart piece to give to Roxas or Repliku.)

NPCs: Naminé, Repliku, Zexion, Maleficent, Sora

Changes: Sora woke up, gave Sasuke the large heart ... and went back to sleep. So Riku sees Sasuke as someone clever enough to help his friend and know what needs to be done, since he followed-through.

The World That Never Was (reached by Twilight Town, Castle Oblivion) – Can get a heart piece or give full heart


There is a long path behind you, that looks like it leads back into the city, only it’s currently shrouded in Darkness. It is raining steadily—not drizzling, but a little harder. The sky overheard is too dark to see if it’s Darkness or just night out, and the only things that breaks through the darkness are neon lights on the buildings around you. (Only none of them seem to have doors.)

Just up ahead is a tall building with many windows, and beneath it is a boy in a jacket, hood up, with a pair of keyblades out.

(Boss battle, if activated.)

Optional: Can obtain and temporarily use Darkness for a stat boost here. It will appear as a heart of Darkness. If heart is rejected, then it must be destroyed. Darkness wants to attach to people and be drawn to them. Only if boss fight path is taken.

NPCs: Xion (voice only), Roxas, Diz (if activated ...)

Corruption: Darkness, return to normal state. Roxas, if given the heart, will change all of the town to no longer be overwhelmed by Darkness. Acquire key to heart.

Changes: Riku is no longer awkward about Roxas! He will be honest and caring and understanding and will maybe even give him hugs. See, there were ... a lot of ways this area could go, but that was the one that I didn’t expect. Thanks, Percy. Riku will act on the fact that he believes Nobodies are real people. He won’t disregard them anymore. He’ll offer Roxas ice cream. He’ll not think he needs to destroy him and he’ll look for means to have Roxas keep his autonomy (whether he’ll do this with Roxas’ knowledge is shaky, but hey, he’s trying). But this is basically the manifestation of Riku knowing Roxas is dere for his friends.

The other change is Sasuke fixed the corruption here after DiZ was essentially told to fuck off, so Riku will resent the situation more and will blame himself less. He’ll be more honest about it and say he wishes it would’ve gone another way, and he’ll sharply deviate from canon, since he knows Roxas would not have been happy going back to Sora.

DiZ is basically the scum of the scum in Riku’s mind, though. He won’t be fond of anyone who strips or defines someone’s will by their own selfish BS.

Twilight Town (reached by Castle Oblivion, The World That Never Was)

(Various Sora memories play while here.)

The Mansion


When you look around, you realize you’re standing right before a gate. Just beyond the gate is a tattered, worn down mansion. It’s almost as if it’s frayed along the edges, and if you stare at it long enough, a pool of data appears—but only if you do. There is no temperature here, no warmth, just nothingness.

When you turn around, you see a boy standing there, who looks like Riku but younger. He’s wearing a skirt full of feathers and what looks like a full, leather-like body-suit. He doesn’t look happy. Just beyond him is a forest.

Note: Can give heart to replica. If no heart is given, the replica fades away into Darkness. <-- I didn’t do this because I would’ve felt too mean to Ventus.

Inside of the Mansion


The rest of the mansion is destroyed, with the exception of an not-at-all-sturdy looking staircase that goes upstairs. Inside of the room, Naminé is sitting at a table, and there are various pictures on the wall. The pictures are of familiar things to people in Aather, if someone looks closely—Riku with Kite and Mint, Riku with the current incarnation of Citrine, but there’s also a blond boy with a spiky red-haired guy and a dark haired girl, and there’s Riku with a brown, spiky-haired boy and a red-haired girl.

(Naminé NPCing go. Option for coloring; images add importance to Riku’s conceptualization.)

The Square


After stepping through the wall from the forest, you step into the square. It looks like a small town, with various small shops that have owners who look ... alive, yet not. There’s a small group of teenagers in the distance. They turn, laughing, and wave at you.

The Clock Tower

After following the only path allowed through the city, you end up at the train station and clock tower. Though a sign says the trains are out of service, there’s an arrow pointing up to the top. There’s also a small sack on the floor full of a lot of gold munny, a couple jewels, and some candy.

Change: Ventus cemented the importance real-ness of the Replica in Riku’s mind without making him less bothersome for him. So while he is capable of going “HE IS REAL,” he’s not capable of looking at the situation without feeling like a total douche. Riku will want the replica to show up and get his own identity and name and life now.

In general, this was not an area where a lot of changes could be made. It was the ~fake~ area.

Other areas are blocked off.

NPCs: Repliku, Hayner, Pence, Olette, Naminé


Overall, I wanted to contend with Riku’s bigger issues because in general Riku is a bigger issues guy. He doesn’t show people a lot of the stuff he does and he isn’t evil, and I wanted to cement that. I think I did a good job of it, since it’s been one of the harder things about my playing him, the way he portrays himself vs. how he sees himself vs. how he actually is. I prioritized Naminé memories so that Naminé could be the “Virgil” for people, ala the path that Dante takes in The Divine Comedy. Knowledge is more power, and here, Riku was withholding large pieces of knowledge from people.

Since hearts are so important to Kingdom Hearts, I wanted where people went and what they did and the fact that they were there to be important—especially since it’s Riku. I was struggling because I wanted it to be part corruption, but I still wanted the True Heart to be the goal. But in this case, clearing the corruptions were necessary to getting to the heart. Riku will always have Darkness as a part of him; it’s just a matter of not being a jerk about it. So everyone who reached True Heart was more special than the rest, though everyone who was there affected a changed perception for him.

In general, Riku is a lot more zen about his life. He’s less stressed about Roxas and he ... still feels awful about the replica, but he’s willing to deal with it as an issue, so the corruption didn’t need to be fixed there. It can be fixed in real time.

Teamwise, Riku will still be Riku at times, but he’ll be a lot more willing to a) discuss things and b) be affectionate and close with team. Mitsuru really did a number there. The team is still in transition so it is absolutely possible it can backslide, since the beds weren’t completely made up.

Percy and Mitsuru both became keyblade wielders as a result of this game. Isa got a Darkness stat boost, so yes. And he no longer has romantic feelings for ... Kite. Thanks to Drift.

... And no one died in the heart of the most emo character in the entire series. The end.

Playlist for the game.

Any questions about symbolism or whatever are welcome, though I suck at symbolism so most things are obvious and straight-forward.

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