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So, as many of you know, Dream Drop Distance came out on Tuesday and being me, I ... already beat it. Anyway, here's some information below that is relevant to my playing of Riku. I'll be adding Dream Drop Distance scenes to his registry as soon as he gets a certain skill back. I'll explain that below. Also, if you were debating whether the game is worth it: it's worth it. The game not only is amazing and the best in the series in terms of gameplay and story—though I'd say it's almost a tie with Birth by Sleep, honestly—but it has summaries of the previous games, glossaries, and goes out of its way to explain a lot of the confusing stuff that people have gotten mixed up about over all the games. The creators knew what they were doing.

That said!

Okay, so! I put in a "haircut" skill for Riku, but aside from giving him a haircut, it's going to give him dream eating skills. That means in dreams, Riku will have a specific symbol on his back (you can see it on his back here) that will allow him to go in and protect people in their dreams. Apart from that, Riku will get a boost in all his stats and will become more apt at fighting.

In the dreams, Riku will also have dream eaters, but I think I'm going to make that a separate skill. Mind you, none of this is relevant until he gets the haircut skill in the first place.

Apart from that, Riku is immune to darkness. This is something that I will be playing with immediately. Darkness generally cannot hurt him, possess him, or take over him. If Riku had been here for the Darkness plot, he'd have a strong resistance to it automatically. Of course, Aather mutes abilities and all that, but it's something really important to him. The exact statement in the game is that Riku has trapped Darkness inside of his heart.

Beyond that, Riku's keyblade is a keyblade of light. There are three different kinds. It's confirmed that becoming a keyblade wielder is a difficult task, but the keyblade isn't "passed down," so to speak. Death isn't the reason for it.

Oh, also, Riku is the one that the keyblade chose. I think we all know that, but all of that was clarified and confirmed since it got kind of confusing. Terra chose him because of the fact that he was meant to have a keyblade. He did remember that moment for all his life, and he kept it to himself. This is stated explicitly in the game.

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