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Grey: Do not give

Blue: Priority

Significant Positive

- Meeting Terra when he's a small boy and having Terra confirm that there are worlds outside. The keyblade ceremony.

- Meeting Kairi.

- Finding the door with Sora and spotting the keyhole.

- Paopu fruit discussions with Sora about Kairi; other related events before he destroys Destiny Islands

- Opening the door to darkness so that Darkness can wash over the islands. Leaving and ending up with Maleficent, who takes him under her wing. Knowing that Sora wouldn't come with him.

- Deciding that he's going to face his Darkness (and Ansem), so he'll not have his heart locked. The talk with Naminé. Not being a lazy bum like someone else.

- Meeting up with his friends again. "This time, I'll fight. You know Sora's completely hopeless without us. Come on, Riku!" Giving her the keyblade. "I looked everywhere for you!" "I didn't want you to find me." Protecting Kairi from both Luxord and Saix. Being changed back as a result of DiZ/Ansem's device. The talks leading up to it. Protecting his friends. "Because I'm not a total sap like you."

- Going off to fight Xemnas at Sora's side. Maleficent and Pete taking care of the Heartless. "Why do you hate the Darkness?" "We don't hate it. It's just kinda ... scary." More fights, Sora fighting alone. "Sora, answer me!" More fights. Sora's dumb faces. Naminé opening a pathway to home. Sora and Riku getting stuck. Fighting with Sora to defeat Xemnas. The final string of fights, after Kairi has gone. Nearly losing Sora in the process, but fighting as hard as he can.

- Getting the letter from Mickey explaining everything. Deciding with Sora to leave.

- Sitting with Sora and finally having a heart to heart, only to have the door open so they could finally return home. Arriving home, swimming in, seeing Mickey. Happiness.

- The Duet – Sora making everyone smile, working together with Mickey someday

- Keyblade Master Riku – “… And why are you having a tea party?” “Really? I’m a keyblade master?”

Significant Negative

- Watching over a heartless Kairi and vying for more power to save her. "So, Kairi's like a lifeless puppet now?"

- Meeting Sora in Traverse Town, taking the keyblade, and seeing Sora with his friends. Cue: Jealousy and feeling unneeded. Maleficent taking advantage of that.

- Trying to get Sora to join him inside of Monstro, only for Sora to not do that. "Heart or no heart, at least he has a conscience." The rest of Monstro. Maleficent asking him why he still cares for Sora.

- "I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power." Having Sora take his keyblade, and proceeding to go allow Ansem to possess him. "Let your heart, your being, become Darkness itself."

- "You--you're not Riku." Being fully possessed by Ansem. Reappearing fully as Ansem. "No, you won't use me for this!" Taking control of his body. Being possessed through the final battle. (Vague remnants: "Come on Sora, I thought you were stronger than that.")

- "Then you lose both light and Darkness. And disappear." Fighting Lexaeus. "You're finished!" "Don't mock me!" Fading into Darkness afterward. "You called out my name. You have been thinking about me. You're afraid of the Darkness I command."

- Fighting Roxas to be able to take him back to Ansem to begin the process of acclimating him back with Sora.

- Killing his replica.

- Abandoning Mickey; realizing that he needs to do anything possible to save Sora. Taking on the blindfold, assumingly working with DiZ to do what’s necessary. Being afraid of the Darkness within himself. Later, informing Mickey that he's off to fight an Organization member, and that he might not survive.

- Sora’s Nightmare (the boss fight that follows) – “I’m what nightmares fear.” / Riku Falls into Darkness – Sora’s heart is taken by darkness, a two-fold dream.

- The Past Xehanort - The Organization’s Real Goal (TIME TRAVEL EXPLANATION PART ONE!) / MOST ANNOYING BOSS FIGHT (Power Over Time)

- Seven Lights / Thirteen Darknesses - Master Xehanort’s Megalomaniac Speech / Sora almost being taken / Lea arriving / The gathering is nigh.

Significant Neutral

- "They say, all the worlds are connected by one big sky." ... "I dunno, Riku, you say some weird stuff sometimes." The end of Birth by Sleep. "You know, I think it worked!"

- Maleficent keeping her end of the bargain. "You're like a son to me." "I sincerely doubt that."

- "The Heartless obey me now, Sora. Now I have nothing to fear." Using his Darkness to create a shadow Sora after receiving the power of Darkness to control heartless from Maleficent. Running off with Kairi after Neverland. Taking her from Sora. "... And realize your full potential."

- "We've always been rivals, haven't we? You've always pushed me, as I've always pushed you." Taking the keyblade from Sora. "You were just the delivery boy."

- Ending up on the other side of the door, telling Sora to "take care of her."

- Arriving at Castle Oblivion. "You did not have the strength to overcome the Darkness." ... "This seems like a boring place to take a nap, anyway." "That was very well said, Riku." Meeting Maleficent inside. "Why do you shun the Darkness?" ... "I thought it was you, Ansem."

- Having Mickey's encouragement as he continues through Castle Oblivion.

- "So you're a fake me." "Not a fake! I don't care if you're real ... Not better." ... "Unlike you, I fear nothing." Meeting his replica—being called a coward for not embracing the Darkness.

- Being taunted by Zexion in Castle Oblivion, only for Kairi (Naminé) to come save him.

- "Very soon your heart will become an all-consuming Darkness." Ansem ... "Controlling you is effortless." Mickey coming to the rescue. "MUST YOU INTERFERE AGAIN." Mickey finally really arrives. "This card will draw Ansem out." ... "Use your powers to destroy--" "NO WAY!" ... "I choose to believe in you always, your majesty." Following the path to the heart of Darkness and the fight.

Darkness is different with Riku. "Wonder where that road leads; I'd like to see myself. I'd like to walk the road with ya." Walking off with Mickey saying that he's going to walk the road to dawn.

- Finding Xion. Bringing her to the beach. Speaking with Xion on the beach about his friends, and what she's meant to do.

- Roxas' week.

- Giving Naminé to Axel so that DiZ (Ansem) doesn't destroy her.

Showing up on time to save Naminé and Kairi from Saix. "Didn't Roxas take care of you?" "Riku, is it really you?"

- The Mark of Mastery Exam / Dream Eaters, etc. Taking the exam to prove that Darkness doesn’t still have hold on his heart.

- The ISOs – anyone can create an Ansem / Removing Herself from the Equation / to the end of the Grid (world). “Maybe when we pass through them … we’re challenged. We change. … But we’ll be ready, Sora.”

- Answering Joshua’s Call

- Your Abyss Awaits

- Darkness’ Call / “Me? I’m a Dream Eater.” … “It is a shame that you locked that power away in the end.” “Except … it’s not over. I can still save Sora.” … “You used to be a keyblade wielder, but Darkness stole your heart, and the keyblade with it. … That’s half the reason I’m even on this journey.”

- Darkness’ End / Also annoying boss fights. / Strength, to Protect What Matters

- Into Sora’s Heart – “Can we do anything for him?”

- Diving into the Heart / Fighting the Nightmare / Sora Fading into the Darkness (Sora’s Keyblade)

- Ansem’s Legacy pt 1 – Roxas question, Ventus question, Xion question

- Ansem’s Legacy pt 2 – Talking to Data Ansem

Trivial Neutral

- Meeting Aqua.

- Bragging about building a raft and leaving the islands with his friends.

- "Boy, you really like putting decisions on other people." Whether or not to believe in DiZ. Acquiring the Organization jacket.

- Being chased by Axel and Roxas as the Imposter. "You want to go back?"

- Telling Xion to go to Naminé.

- Helping DiZ and Naminé move to Twilight Town to set up.

- Explaining to Sora that Roxas was just looking for him all along. (... Even if this is a lie and not true and Riku knows this ...)

- The beginning of the test. Ending up apart from Sora. A day in the past. Fighting Ursula and unconsciously following his best friend after the keyblade comes into his hand naturally.

- Riku meets Joshua: Traverse Town arrival part one: arrival, meeting Joshua, looking for Rhyme.

- Dreamers/Beatdown/Drop: Give your dreams shape. Comparisons to Neku. Meeting Beat, too. Rogue in the black coat. “I’d be worn out, too.” Knocked out—dropping.

- Nightmares/Knight/Shiki/YX: Meeting Shiki, being called a knight. Being sensitive and antisocial. More Neku comparisons. Meeting YX. Boss battle.

- Esmerald’s Plight: Showing up in Hunchback world. Wondering about Frollo’s Darkness.

- Walls: Meeting Quasimodo. “Wish I could take my own advice.”

- Pete — Here, There, Everywhere

- The Flooded House (1&2) / Into the Musical Score / Going Through Fantasia World / A Turn for the Better

- The Illusion Begins / Passing Through the Castle that Never Was again for some reason.

- Secret DDD ending

Trivial Positive

- Fighting Sora and often winning on Destiny Islands.

- Fallen/Vision/Pieces: Giving their dreams refuge. Joshua’s explanation. Cryptic central and wings!

- Strikes/Frollo’s Darkness/Answer/Park/Dawn/Wings: Running through Hunchback world. A kid that’s depended on. “Did your heart have the answer?” The boss fight after running into YX and Ansem SoD. “You could write a book about that.”

- The Path My Heart Walks: The real walls were the ones around my heart. “I was … speaking from … personal experience …”

- The Grid / Light Cycle Battle / Game Over

- To the Portal / Fighting More than Boredom / The Solar Sailer

- Cut from the Same Cloth / Dash into Danger / “Sora, you got this.” Mocking Beat and his name. Watch out for the dream. [End of return to Traverse Town]


- The Real World / Follow the Spirits – “Which means … he still hasn’t woken up. Where are you … Sora?”

- Unfinished Business – Seeing Sora off.

Trivial Negative

- "What is Maleficent planning anyway?" "Who knows, as long as it means getting Kairi's heart back, I couldn't care less."

- Fighting against Vexen; the impetus for the creation of the Riku Replica. "Darkness is my enemy!" "When have I been afraid of the Dark?" Talking to Ansem after meeting the Replica.

- Being taunted by Ansem in Castle Oblivion, though it's done in the form of Xehanort's Heartless.

- Telling Xion her keyblade is a sham. Their first meeting face to face. "You could say ... that I'm the biggest nobody of them all."

- Learning from Naminé what he has to do to save Sora (get Xion and then Roxas).

- Xion telling him to do anything necessary to stop Roxas, even if he's been injured. (He being Riku.)

- Keeping an eye on Kairi while he's traipsing around; ensuring that she's okay, even while he can't return home.

- Monstro (all): Heading into Monstro. Seeing … himself. Don’t you have someone you can talk to? Realizing Sora’s kind of his conscience.



Hand to hand combat and knowledge


Connection to Darkness (gives stat boosts, the ability to smell Darkness)

with the Dream Drop Distance upgrade, Riku's skills are going to be a little more RPG hero-y, so I will try to organize them accordingly


elemental level one (fire, blizzard, thunder)
elemental level two (fira, blizzara, thundara)

healing level one (cure)
healing level two (cura, esuna)

time/space level one (stop, slow, zero gravity)
time/space level two (stopra, slowra, zero gravira)

other level one (bind, balloon)
other level two (balloonra)

basic attacks

attacks level one (quick blitz, sliding dash) Learned from Ventus in Aather.
attacks level two (strike raid, prism windmill, fire windmill, aerial slam)
attacks level three (timestorm, gravity strike, shadowbreaker)

darkness abilities • as a note, these abilities are generally super advanced so I will have them given one at a time.

Dark Drive
Dark Aura
Dark Splicer
Dark Firaga

physical skills

Dark Barrier
Dark Roll


Keyblade! (Way to the Dawn.)

Haircut (unlocks basic DDD abilities from base)