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So! This reverts Riku to the state his body is in the non-dream parts of Dream Drop Distance. This means:

- Riku's hair is shorter. He got a haircut. He probably cut it himself. Most importantly: you can see his eyes and his hair was probably getting pretty ridiculously long after being in Aather since it apparently grows super fast.
- I've redone Riku's skill registry in preparation for this.
- He has really basic skills because they come from the get-go in Dream Drop Distance and I wanted to circumvent this. This means he can dodge roll, has a slightly higher jump, and can air slide. None of this is particularly special, especially the jump and air slide because they are powercapped. The dodgeroll is special because when he does it, he literally flips forward. It's cool, but it's implied to be an innate self-taught thing from the start.
- He's also slightly better with his keyblade, as in he has more intuitive skill, but that just brings him up slightly from where he is in Aather since he trains constantly.
- Riku is also physically faster than he was in the previous games in Dream Drop Distance. This is also a base thing and I don't know why they changed it, but they did. He's almost as fast as Ventus while Sora is a lot harder ... for me specifically to play as because he's a lot slower and lumbering. This also won't matter, because I'm going to play like this was the case all the time, but I'm mentioning it.
- The important part is in dream posts, Riku will look like his younger self. I'll make a note of mentioning it if I don't get icons made (the video quality so far is crap, so ... likely). It'll be younger self with the new haircut. He'll have a symbol (pictured here on riku's back) on the back of his clothing. This means he'll be naturally inclined to go after the bad things in Roxas and Ventus' dreams. In general, he'll be drawn toward them to fight it. This doesn't give him a stat boost, but it means he's inclined to protect people in Sora's heart.

THIS MAY SEEM LIKE A LOT but really it's adjusting him to where he should be since before he was a side character since he got his upgrade and I didn't know how to do his skills. Basically it's haircut + dreameating + base innate things. He's like level one for the game at this point, and he won't even know about the second thing until he gets the memory back (and he won't for a while and ... it won't matter, either).

What this means is that once I start using short-haired icons, Riku will have short hair. I'll be using some of the older ones for certain poses, but Riku will look different and a tiny bit taller (like ... an inch) to anyone who knows him.
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I laughed when I saw you tied the base 3D stuff to the haircut. A+++.
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Riku, you have eyes again! And gosh, he looks pretty. Also, I can't wait to see him in dream posts.
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