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So, yes! I legacied him early. (I love how I can make legacy into a verb.) A lot of the reasoning for the decision was in part because his memories were beginning to become low impact. I gave him back the keyblade master memory (IE he is the one who becomes the big deal keyblade master), and from there, his memories felt as if they were just waiting for him to figure out why, exactly, he got it. He went through a big arc since I brought him back in June: learning to be there for Citrine, accepting that role, losing his team, and overcoming that and realizing who he is going to be. In all of that, Riku has been pretty bad at feeling like he can be comfortable with people. A lot of his spark has been muted through his careful interactions, and while that is a natural thing (some might remember that he used to be pretty obnoxious back in the day), I felt that it would be fun to do a Riku-as-Master arc in Aather.

In addition, Riku had gotten the big monologues that I wanted him to get out of DDD back. He didn't get the ending, but I didn't want to give him the ending without context. And then he had all these other memories that were largely inconsequential. In large part, he got the majority of his sigs back. The only thing was that the ones remaining were going to hurt his mood and make his development ... not stagnant, but more redundant. Barring doing a heart game, I didn't want to make my character less fun for myself, and I realized in his interactions with Sora and Kairi, that outside of DDD, he could set up a pretty coherent timeline for everything that had happened throughout the games. Even stuff he hadn't "experienced," per se, he knew about, he'd thought about in memories, and so forth. Or he remembered the scene right after, the period of time, and so forth. And beyond the crazy reveals at the end of 3D, he was pretty firm on what was coming next.

That is, aside from "why am I a keyblade master" and "what's next."

Once he takes his bracelet, he's going to know all the holes. His personality will change a bit. Riku in 3D is still intensely socially awkward, but he gets more used to what he's doing as time goes on. Yes, somber all the way, but he has some of that spark back. In fact, it's interesting how comfortable he starts to seem within his own skin. Riku in Aather will be less distant, less hesitant and anxious about his interactions, and so forth. That relative discomfort he displays at the beginning of 3D fades to an extent—to a comfortable, maybe less likely to hug you, but he'll let you hang on him or be okay with hugging you if you're crying type. He's willing to talk to people, walk up to them, and speak confidently. And he can speak with a touch more tact and diplomacy. But not a whole lot.

He's still the same rude, competitive boy, but the balance of "comfortable with himself" and "trusting himself" come together to make it so that he's not walking on eggshells. It'll be new for him. He's more mature, and in addition, he has a big responsibility.

And that's a big thing to take on after all his time in Aather of being a general pain in the ass. It's a new thing to deal with, but Riku will know that helping out and being active and being less behind the scenes will all be part of it.

He still pauses, thinks things through, and he's still decidedly someone with a low self-esteem, but he also doesn't deny who he is. What he can do. That's the big deal. He's already working toward it in Aather, but this is a big way.

As for abilities, Riku is ... stacked. I am excited for this part, too, but only in that he'll fully wield the abilities of a keyblade master in a very competent manner.

Overall, it'll be interesting for me intersecting his Aather development with his canon development and seeing how they jive. I plan on keeping him around for a long time to play with his friends, but I'm hoping this opens me up for opportunities that wouldn't have been available otherwise (for close to a year or more of gaining memories back that would be low impact).