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Profile By Storybookending

Basic Information

Birthday:January 15
Hometown:Destiny Islands.
Home Neighborhood:Main Island
Family Members:Replica (deceased)
Relationship Status:Single
Interested In:Undecided
Looking For:Friendship
Political Views:King Mickey's monarchy.
Religious Views:Light and darkness.

Personal Information

Activities:Sparring, worldhopping, angsting about the Darkness inside.
Interests:Magic, keyblading.
Favorite Music:I don't know.
Favorite TV Shows:I don't know..
Favorite Movies:Three Musketeers
Favorite BooksI don't know.
Favorite Quotations:"Helping others always comes before asking others for help."
—King Mickey
About Me:New keyblade master.

Contact Information

Emails:darknessinside at
IM Screen Name(s):AIM - darknessinside
Mobile Phone:+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Land Phone:xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Address:EAST 104.
City/Town:New Moore
Neighborhood:The Fictional Neighborhood.

Education and Work

High School:Destiny Islands High - 2xxx
High School:New Moore High - 2xxx
Position:Organization Imposter.
Description:Terrorized the Organization to get my best friend back.
City/Town:Twilight Town/The World That Never Was
Time Period:The year Sora was gone


Member Of:Darkness problems, How do I be a keyblade master?, Guilt Complexes Assistance, Bad haircuts, Paved with Good Intentions.

"Yeah, I'm kind of busy right now. I'll get back to you."

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