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Name Riku (inherited, kingdom hearts)
Rank Pawn

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES Riku is a tall, thinly muscular boy with silver hair and teal-blue eyes. He tends to be rather reserved and unlikely to show exactly what he's thinking, despite not necessarily being stoic at the same time. He tends to keep his hands to himself, and he's not a very physical person in general.
☆ Exhibitionism
☆ Oral sex (receiving or giving)
☆ Topping

★ New sexual experiences
★ Fighting
★ Blindfolds
★ Ice cream
★ Shower sex
★ Masochism
★ Threesomes (or more)

Riku has a whole "darkness immunity" thing that makes him difficult to ... influence in that way, anyway. He can sense darkness or light in others! He has darkness trapped in his heart, and he draws upon it as a source of power.

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Hey! If you have any issues with the way I'm playing Riku, let me know. If you'd like to contact me for plotting or whatever, that's great, too.

If here isn't a good place for that, you can always email me at prongster at


May. 30th, 2014 05:15 pm
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Facebook Profile. )

"Yeah, I'm kind of busy right now. I'll get back to you."

[ use this for any kind of IC contact. Wall-type purposes, too. ]
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So, hey! School starts for me on Tuesday (so, technically tomorrow for me, but it's only been Monday for fifteen minutes), so here's my schedule. It's a lot more succinct than last year, but yeah:

Medieval Religious Cultures 2:30-5:00
For this class specifically, I have translation exercises, heavy reading, and a 2-5 page paper every week, so this will be a lot of work!

French for Reading 4:15-6:45

What this means is that I'll be unlikely to be in games on Monday and Tuesday for the next while. I tend to go out with my classmates after class. I'll update this for my clubs (German and Latin reading groups) when I know that they're happening.
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So. I saw that you guys talked to Turquoise the last day. I figured it'd be a good idea to have a word with you.
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We'd like to talk to you guys since you're in the clue. And since I know Zuko, too.
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Dream Drop Distance haircut skill! Details within. )

What this means is that once I start using short-haired icons, Riku will have short hair. I'll be using some of the older ones for certain poses, but Riku will look different and a tiny bit taller (like ... an inch) to anyone who knows him.
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So, as many of you know, Dream Drop Distance came out on Tuesday and being me, I ... already beat it. Anyway, here's some information below that is relevant to my playing of Riku. I'll be adding Dream Drop Distance scenes to his registry as soon as he gets a certain skill back. I'll explain that below. Also, if you were debating whether the game is worth it: it's worth it. The game not only is amazing and the best in the series in terms of gameplay and story—though I'd say it's almost a tie with Birth by Sleep, honestly—but it has summaries of the previous games, glossaries, and goes out of its way to explain a lot of the confusing stuff that people have gotten mixed up about over all the games. The creators knew what they were doing.

That said!

dream drop distance spoilers and information )
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Note: I am in graduate school so my work load is a lot heavier than these classes, but now that I have the groove of things I should be able to handle it better. That's my greatest hope, anyway. My semester ends around May 18th, so consider April 18-May18th probably massive hiatus time, let's be honest.

schedule under here. )
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So in my dropping of Suzaku, I am an idiot and forgot about Suzaku's cat, Arthur. I don't want him to have been sucked into darkness, because that's animal cruelty, so I'm assuming he's still around being a badass kitty. But does anyone want to claim care for him while Suzaku is sucked off into doom? I have already put in a reapp for Suzaku so ... you know, when that happens, he'll be back, but I completely forgot about this. He can't go to Peridot because of Gil, so if anyone wants to claim Arthur, that'd be amazing. ;;

in conclusion I fail at being a fictional cat owner.
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Okay, so Riku got his Darkness skill back. This gives him a stat boost. He can absorb Darkness and use it to be stronger, [edit, post-DDD: He uses Darkness, but not in this way, it seems, as he's ... immune to the effects of it. I never used this skill in Aather proper, so!] and he can smell Darkness. In terms of being able to sense Darkness in Riku himself, he just also became more noticeable. This mostly goes for Sion, but I am pretty sure Riku will be completely comforting at this point, compared to before. Anyone else who can notice that stuff in someone is free to.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. This means he can smell the Darkness in other people. I'm already set for the Nobodies, and I know he'll ... know for sure there isn't any in Ventus, but as for everyone else:

Darkness has a Kingdom Hearts description here.

It is optional if you want Riku to be able to smell it on you. I will handwave whatever, since KH logic, but I've always wanted to play with it. (And in my other games with him, it just hasn't really come up.) Basically, a narrow way of telling if you'd smell like it: if you're conniving, messed up, prone to jealousy, prone to desiring power, etc. Like I'd imagine that Vriska probably stinks of Darkness, but again, that's up to her player.

Since this is a power narrowed by Aather, Riku won't be able to tell how Dark-leaning someone is, and since he doesn't have the memories to entirely reinforce it, he won't necessarily be judgey based off that. If your character is super evil, though, things will be different.

So, yes!
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and then I continue to do memory write-ups as I see important memories to ... write for. Note: Riku got his world destroying memory, as well as the memory of Zexion screwing with him recently. These are relevant pieces of information, but really in a greater picture helped contextualize things for Riku. (Though he now perceives Aather!Maleficent as 100% bad and given the Zexion memory, he will do everything to get around dealing with her.) I perceive Riku as being particularly muted in his emotions (or super duper internalized), so when things are terrible, he overcomes them pretty easily because he keeps driving forward (while not dealing ... at all). That said, the two most recent memories go together really well:

- Deciding that he's going to face his Darkness (and Ansem), so he'll not have his heart locked. The talk with Naminé. Not being a lazy bum like someone else.

information and explanation )

Learning from Naminé what he has to do to save Sora (get Xion and then Roxas).

information and explanation )
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QUESTIONS MEME for Riku and Suzakuuuuuuuu.
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Being taunted by Zexion in Castle Oblivion, only for Kairi (Naminé) to come save him.

information under here, as well as reference to some past write-ups that haven't been done. )
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Killing his Replica

information under the cut )
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- Ending up on the other side of the door, telling Sora to "take care of her."

information )

Fighting Roxas to be able to take him back to Ansem to begin the process of acclimating him back with Sora.

information )
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- Xion telling him to do anything necessary to stop Roxas, even if he's been injured. (He being Riku.)

information )

In other news, Riku ragequit Turquoise.


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